Serving the Pipeline & Refinery Industry for Nearly Three Decades



"We pride ourselves on having integrity, being honest and dependable with the industry expertise all while paying attention to even the smallest of details to exceed our customer's expectations."

- Kirk Clulee COO/Partner

Pipeline Maintenance Service

Our pipeline maintenance service provides nitrogen for mechanical cleaning, decommissioning, de-inventory, smart pigging, gauge plate runs, inerting, purging, or abandonment.​ 


    - Safety: Is always first! - Recordable - 0 / LTIR - 0 / EMR - .87


    - Trustworthy: We have integrity, we are honest, highly reviewed, easily found, transparent, communicative, and most important will never suggest we can do something that we cannot just 

        to make a dollar. We do what we say!


    - Understand our customers: We have a greater knowledge and understanding of the work our customers perform. Anyone can pump nitrogen, freeze pipe, track pigs, or sell pipeline

        cleaning chemicals; but do they really understand the entire process?


    - Customer service: We take care of our customers, our team is friendly, knowledgeable and are quick to respond to their needs. We provide them with procedures, scope of work plans,              displacement calculations, fast proposals, accurate invoices, detailed project updates, 24-hour support, follow up and much more.


    - Convenience: We provide a frictionless and drama free pipeline maintenance service via in person meetings, online meetings, phone call, email and or text 24/7. Whatever is your best                  method of communication being, we accommodate our customers.


    - Passion: Our passion is their success; our team truly feeds off our customers success and our teams’ passion for the job they perform is unmatched in our industry.


    - Well maintained and reliable equipment: We provide exemplary equipment engineered, fabricated, assembled, and maintained in-house by our entire team. Wear items are replaced

        and or rebuilt in house according to hours of use. Preventative maintenance and cleanliness of all the equipment is performed between every project. We pay attention to the smallest 



    - Reputation: Our overall quality and character is recognized as unmatched in our industry. Our team understands that the difference between something good and something great is the

        attention to detail.


    - Loyalty: Our attention has always been exclusively serving the onshore pipeline, process, and industrial industries. We do not or have we ever served the drilling rigs, fracking, coil tubing

        or other well services industries as all our competition prefers due to higher profit margins. We have and will always be here for You!

On time, every time, anytime and anywhere in the United States for nearly three decades. 

No project too big or too small, give our experts a call, email or text to learn how our passion is your success!

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