Nitrogen Pumping & Transport Services

PFS's mobile nitrogen units are modern tandem trucks. Operating independently from the diesel prime mover is a high-BTU heater for converting liquid nitrogen to gaseous nitrogen. A 2,000-gallon, vacuum-jacketed tank mounted on the truck supplies the liquid nitrogen to the cryogenic pumps.


PFS's mobile pumping equipment is capable of delivering gaseous nitrogen up to 5,700 psi in a wide, controlled temperature range at flow rates up to 660,000 standard cubic feet per hour.

Units are outfitted with pressure and high/low temperature shut downs. Pressure relief valves custom set prior to each project is mounted on each system we are conducting work on to ensure over-pressurization of your equipment is not possible. 


Larger liquid nitrogen requirements are transported to the pumpers by our own transport fleet and liquid can be stored on location in kings or queens depending on the project needs.

PFS has strategic alliances with various liquid nitrogen providers to handle the largest of projects throughout the nation

Pipe Freezing Services

PFS has eliminated the need to shut down your entire operation for pipe maintenance, modification or to locate/isolate leaks. Pipe freezing is a proven technology that reduces down time and the costly drain-down method for pipe maintenance/modification procedures.


We accomplish this by isolating a small portion of pipe and dropping the temperature to approximately -320 °F by using liquid nitrogen to establish a solid plug of frozen line fluid at that point. Through our continuous monitoring of the pressures and temperatures of the freeze plugs, we are assured of the effectiveness and safety required to attain a freeze plug on various types of pipe from 4" to 26" O.D that can withstand up to 6,000 psi.

The proprietary techniques used by PFS has been proven to be the most quickest and cost effective method available in today's market place, saving you both time and money.

Independent laboratory studies and tests have analyzed the structural composition of pipes after freezing and have found no physical or chemical change in the matrix of the pipe due to the freezing process.

Pneumatic Pressure Testing Services

PFS nitrogen testing verifies the pressure capacity or tests the current pressure of a pipe, vessel or system. The test is performed by highly trained personnel with quality equipment and advanced measurement instrumentation that read and record both pressures and temperatures.


Pressure testing is critical in a number of industrial areas for safety reasons including the proper functioning of the equipment.

PFS offers pretest and post-test packages in accordance with the appropriate code of federal regulation that are verified and certified by professional engineer calculations.

Pigging & Pig Tracking Services

PFS provides highly trained personnel and equipment for all your pigging propelled with nitrogen needs either it being offline mechanical cleaning, decommissioning, de-inventory, smart pigging, gauge plate runs, inerting, purging or abandonment.

PFS has many years of experience selecting the right pig for the job.  


We also have thousands of miles of tracking experience, using state-of-the-art electronic and acoustical equipment.  For your next pigging operation, allow us to show you that pigging can take place in a perfect world.

PFS has strategic alliances with various manufactures in which we can supply you with even for the toughest applications. 

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