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Pigging Systems

Value-added Products and Services

PFS provides highly trained personnel, equipment, and pigging systems for all your pigging propelled with nitrogen needs either it being offline mechanical cleaning, decommissioning, de-inventory, smart pigging, gauge plate runs, inerting, purging or abandonment.​

PFS has many years of experience selecting the right pig for the job.  


We also have thousands of miles of tracking experience, using state-of-the-art electronic and acoustical equipment.  For your next pigging operation, allow us to show you that pigging can take place in a perfect world.

PFS represents various manufactures of pigs, pig tracking and other pigging system or pipeline related products which can be provided with or without our services for even the toughest applications. 



​Steel Mandrel Pigs: Available in various configurations, with unique accessories and part configurations designed for your specific application.


Poly Foam Pigs & Drying Swabs: Large selection of poly foam pigs and drying swabs manufactured using the highest quality open cell polyurethane foam in many styles and densities for a variety of applications.


Pipeline Spheres: Available in poly foam or urethane, solid or inflatable styles.

​​Urethane Pigs: Cast urethane pigs includes various solid-cast styles, with unique accessories and configurations designed for a variety of applications.

Custom Pig Configurations: Our experienced manufacturers and team of experts can design a pig specific to your project needs.

Pig Tracking Equipment

​Electronic Tracking: Available in various models, brands and options designed to detect various transmitter frequencies or magnets. Also allows tracking of numerous pigs with various transmitter frequencies to detect certain pigs setup with each of the various frequencies. Visual, text and email pig passage indication options also available.


Acoustical Tracking: Available in various models and brands, both wired and wireless options designed to easily setup and hear the passage of a pig in buried pipelines. Headphones, line-in vehicle or Bluetooth options also available.


Transmitters: Available in various models, brands and options designed to emit an industry-standard 22Hz or user-adjustable electromagnetic frequency. Dip switch or wireless adjustable pulse patterns to provide a distinctive pattern and to conserve battery power options available.

Wired Enduro Geophone Updated.png

Real-time Pig Tracking and Project Management


PigTracks Pipeline Pigging Platform: A real-time pig tracking and project management platform for your whole team. Know where your pig is at from home, office or field. PigTracks offers a full suite of solutions for survey, pig tracking, and project management. 

Modern AGM boxes communicate with PigTracks in real-time to automate part or all of the tracking process. Tracking technicians can also enter passages. All the data is displayed on one screen so your whole team is aligned.

Notifications via email, text, and in app.


Pipeline Chemical Solutions - PCS Products

PCS Products: PFS is the exclusive dealer of Pipeline Chemical Solutions products. 

PCS specializes in pipeline chemical cleaning products, pigging procedures and other commodities for the pipeline industry.

You may not recognize the PCS product name but you may recognize Ralph Cormier's name who's been specified for the same chemistry and cleaning procedures by many major pipeline companies for many years.

PCS = Proven chemicals that save you time and money!

Flash Rust_PCS_edited.jpg

PFS Nitrogen Services DOES NOT  perform chemical cleaning, injection or any onsite chemical cleaning services but we may recommend someone who does depending on the scope and location of work.

More Products Coming Soon!

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