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Mechanical Pipeline Isolation

You need to know you can safely operate on your plant or pipeline. Pipe Freezing Services can be used for mechanical pipeline isolation, allowing you to perform necessary repairs. This is crucial to the services we offer. We are extremely experienced in working with these sometimes dangerous materials.

Mechanical isolation is an integral step in taking care of a processing or equipment plant. This could be for planned maintenance or an emergency repair. Regardless, everything must be disconnected to avoid any health risks or damaged equipment, including any incoming pipelines. This is where pipe freezing via nitrogen comes in. It’s an essential step in the process of mechanical isolation.  


Mechanical pipeline isolation is done through pipe freezing with nitrogen. We control liquid nitrogen brought in with our tandem trucks. The liquid nitrogen brings the pipe’s contents below their freezing points and holds them stationary in a section of the pipe. This process requires extremely cool temperatures and very careful handling. Our proprietary technique can perform this process on pipes up to 26” in diameter, creating an ice plug that fills the entire section. Our careful monitoring allows us to maintain this plug at up to 6000 PSI. Our decades in this business have given us the advantage mastering the process making mechanical isolation easier whenever it is necessary. Extensive studies of this process have shown no long-term damage to the pipes after the freezing process.

When the time comes for you to perform mechanical pipeline isolation, look no further than Pipe Freezing Services. We come in and work quickly so you can make your necessary repairs and upgrades. We are a trusted service with decades of experience in this field. We have the best gear for the job, and it’s all maintained in house by our knowledgeable team. PFS is proud to offer this service in much of the United States. 

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