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PFS was formed in 1993 to serve the onshore pipeline and refinery industries. 30 years later and we are still flying high as an industry leader and innovator by providing cost-effective nitrogen services. 


With an eagle like perception for the details, PFS understands what your business needs are. PFS’s management team takes great pride in their ability to anticipate ways to increase your operational efficiency.

At PFS, we believe in the American Values of self-reliance and independence. That is why we engineer and fabricate our own industry equipment. Our great nation was founded on ideals like autonomy, resourcefulness, and self-determination. Working with PFS guarantees that your company benefits from real American ingenuity.


Just like the Great American Eagle, PFS operates with pinpoint accuracy. When it comes to providing superior service, we always meet our mark. As a company, we soar above the competition by maintaining the highest of expectations from everyone in the PFS team.


The Safety Of Our Partners And Personnel Is Paramount


PFS understand the value of safety. At PFS, everyone from our expert operators, to our partners are treated like family. Just like the proud servicemen and women serving our nation, PFS never compromises safety for performance.


While we understand that cost efficiency & productivity is important, our value for human life is higher. Through our 30 years of experience, we have learned how to deliver a high caliber of service safely, and efficiently. We can comply with the highest levels of safety standards from our customers, DOT, and PHMSA.


We Are Progenitors of Pipe Freezing Services For Locating Pipeline Hydrostatic Test Leaks


We have developed an incredibly efficient method to detect pipeline leaks during hydrostatic testing. Our highly specialized, proprietary technique and in-house manufactured freeze jackets is the quickest and most cost-efficient way for you to detect leaks than any other leak detection technology. No longer do you have to dewater the entire pipeline to add sometimes hazardous scents or dye just to refill the pipeline again to slowly walk the entire test segment with sleds or even dogs that the other leak detection technologies require.


As an industry leader, we were among the first company to begin effectively using pipe freezing services to perform hydrostatic testing leak detection. Being early adopters of this finely tuned process means we have more experience than most companies performing pipe freezing services and other leak detection technologies.


For you, this means you can have the ultimate peace of mind that the job will be done properly and quickly. 


The Southeast’s leading Nitrogen Services Provider To Onshore Pipeline And Chemical/Gas Plant Facility Industry


As a well-established player in the Nitrogen services industry, we know what you are looking for. You will feel relieved working with a company that understands the finer details of the industry.


You may have heard of PFS before. That is because for 30 years we have provided nothing but the best services to our customers. By going the extra mile for each one of our partners, we have maintained nothing short of an impeccable reputation.


Liquid nitrogen (LN2) is a free-flowing liquid weighing 6.738 pounds per gallon. Reconverted to a gas, Nitrogen (N2) is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that makes up 78.09% (by volume) of the air we breathe.  It is non flammable, will not support combustion, is non contaminating and non reactive. The inert properties of nitrogen make it a good blanketing gas in many applications. Nitrogen blanketing is used to protect flammable or explosive solids and liquids from contact with air. Certain chemicals and surfaces of solids have properties that must be protected from degradation by the effects of atmospheric oxygen and moisture.  Protection is achieved by keeping these items in (under) a nitrogen atmosphere. "Inerting" or "blanketing" are other terms used to describe displacement of air with nitrogen.
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